Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I wore this to a day full of errands. It was about a month ago but still.. "better late than never!" haha. I went for a preppy kind of look. 

I got the polka dot bustiér for only 250 php! What a steal! 
I'm a bit of an recessionista. I love to go to bazaars and bargain. Im not really brand conscious so if I find out there is a nearby garage sale expect me to gaga for it.

Do you like the whole ensemble of my look? 

My outfit: Bustiér, denim skirt, cheetah glasses, brogues are all vintage.

Pray for the Philippines

Lately the Philippines has been experiencing a typhoon which has caused many floods and destruction. I haven't been going out because of this and seeing the transformation of some parts here in manila is very shocking. Let us all take the time to pray for the Philippines and the typhoon victims. God is always with us and seeing my fellow citizens still smiling despite of the tragedy. I know that we can all get through this.

I found a picture thats so uplifting. (I do not own this photo)

Stay safe you guys! Let's keep praying and God bless us all :)