Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whirlwind of emotions

Yesterday I went out with my special friend angelo! I already mentioned him from my past blog post but anyway we went out and had an amazing time. We haven't seen each other in a while because of some busy schedules and school. Somehow we got to squeeze in some time together. I usually blog about my outfit and such but I figured I try to make my blog a little personal so I can share what I've learned and memories I made. Oh and here is a picture of me and him. Its kinda dorky but he really finds it amusing even me. Teehee.

So..our "date" was fun but the past few weeks we've been fighting a lot. Which explains the title of this entry lol. We're not actually official yet so I don't know what our label is. But I don't really care about that as long as you're happy and I know this is too mainstream already but if you have faith and trust eventually everything will fall into place. I know cheesy right? haha. But its true! Every thing is fine now we worked things out. Enough about that, here's some of our pictures together

I didn't get to take proper outfit shots and sorry for the low quality of the photos. I just snap these photos with my blackberry PlayBook. Its not really popular here in the Philippines but I think my PlayBook is really awesome. Well thats it. Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A good time

A day full of errands and I spent a day with my "boy" friend. He's not my boyfriend. (not yet) haha. Okay enough with that! I went to a cafe near my house which is located in Bf homes. Its called Café boheme and they offer the most delicious drinks, smoothies and coffee blended stuff there. So if your around here in Parañaque make sure to drop by. Im often there so we might see each other. 

Anyways, me and angelo hanged out there for a bit. A little talking and enjoying each others company. After that we dont really have plans so we just went frolicking around the shops near the cafe. And the most funny thing happened. Because he ordered a lemonade and he didn't exactly liked the taste of it. So we decided to go to a nearby store and bought milo. He mixed it with lemonade. I dont even know why he did that. We do the most random things together. But that makes it fun. 
These are our drinks before he mixed it with milo:
Lemonade for him and Iced tea for me :)

He wasn't exactly ready when I took this pic. What a cutie lol.

Here's what I wore:

The weather cooperated and it was bright and sunny day. A perfect day for taking my outfit shots. Credits to angelo for taking it. 

Brougues and High-waisted shorts - Vintage, Top - H&M, Bag - Girl Shoppe